El’lesun was founded by Jaye Turner, a young woman -who at a very young age , experienced the foster system from the neglect and abandonment from her parents. 

Growing up, that traumatic experience stayed with her and shaped her journey through life. 

Lacking Identity and self-worth, she struggled to be accepted and was often overlooked by family. 

She became homeless at 18, and while trying to finish her senior year of high school, soon became a teen mother.

In the spring of 2015, Jaye was led on another journey where she discovered a man who promised to change her life forever. 

He saved her, and gave her freedom. She soon recieved healing and found her identity while growing to know her self worth. 

This man restored everything in her life that was lost and accepted her where she was in life, but even more, he gave her an unexplainable love that was once only imaginable. That man’s name is Jesus.

In 2016, with the heart of compassion, she desired to reach those in the foster care system and those young adults who were homeless. She received her license to foster and adopt by the summer of 2017 and served in one of the shelters where she and her son once stayed. Encountering many obstacles she could no longer fulfill those desires. 

In 2019 with the same desire and compassion in her heart, and a passion to give back to those who are where she has been. El’lesun was birthed and our vision is to bring the light inside of a community that deserves healing and restoration. 

About El'lesun

 El'lesun is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is filled with amazing volunteers and great donors who are truly passionate about making a great impact in the lives of those in foster care. Our vision is to help create a brighter future for those inside the community.

We collaborate with other community partners, individuals, and experts to fulfill that mission.


By advocating  for and serving our foster care community. Our mission is to raise awareness on their needs and to provide our children, teens, and young adults a reliable resource for them to be all that they were created to be. 


Our vision is to see our foster care community walking in their true identity, knowing who and whose they are.


Children and teens enter foster care through no fault of their own, because they have been abused, neglected, or abandoned and are unable to continue living safely with their families

According to the most recent federal data, there are currently more than 400,000 children in foster care in the United States. 

On any given day in Ohio, nearly 16,000 children are being cared for away from their parents.

More than 23,000 children will age out of the US foster care system every year.

After reaching the age of 18, 20% of the children who were in foster care will become instantly homeless.

Only 1 out of every 2 foster kids who age out of the system will have some form of gainful employment by the age of 24.

There is less than a 3% chance for children who have aged out of foster care to earn a college degree at any point in their life.

7 out of 10 girls who age out of the foster care system will become pregnant before the age of 21.

The percentage of children who age out of the foster care system and still suffer from the direct effects of PTSD are 25%